About Us

We are your one stop plumbing and heating solutions provider.
Installing, servicing, testing, main- tenance, repairs.

We specialise in providing industrial calibre solutions, products and services for your plumbing and heating needs. Emergency 24/7 support, preventative maintenance, upgrades, repairs, automation. Plumbing and drainage servicing and repairs. Hot water tanks, heating and cooling lines and systems, repiping. Gas lines and systems, ranges, barbecues, patio heat lamps, fire places and fire pits. IoT, QNX, Cyanogen. Smart monitoring and reporting systems and solutions. Bar and restaurant delivery and disposal systems. Water management, filtration, purification, distribution and reclamation.

  • Water supply, drainage, re-pipe, repair, and maintenance.

  • Water tanks, instantaneous, furnaces, and boilers.

  • Beverage dispensing delivery and management. Zythology. Oenology.

  • Automation, data warehousing, and reporting, QNX, Cyanogen, Intelligent and predictive management and monitoring.