September 1, 2015

Be Comfortable


Home comfort comes in many forms, some of which comprise plumbing and heating configurations.  Indoor heating, whether it be in-floor, heat registers or a forced air furnace; indoor amenities with hot water tanks, instantaneous water heaters, ergonomic toilets, shower and bath configurations and even towel warmers; or, outdoor pleasures encompassing barbeques, fire pits, and heat lamps.  Sometimes the smallest modifications to your living space can reap dividends in personal comfort.

joyful-shop-vent-covers-heat-9PNOY-150x150Furnaces, boilers and instantaneous heaters come in a variety of different shapes and sizes.  Some are natural gas, while others are propane or electric.  Thermostatic controls, zoning and predictive configurations all lend to some of the complexities found within various systems and installations.  We can service your furnace or boiler, offer preventative maintenance, upgrade to a newer more efficient model or convert from one system or technology and integrate into another.  Energy efficiency and automated solutions can enhance and streamline your home environment or your business operations.

barbeque-flame_2928832Enjoying the great outdoors of your beautiful back yard or patio only gets better and better!  Interested in the convenience and even the cost savings of consuming natural gas instead of propane?  Natural gas has a higher burn temperature than propane, and a natural gas element heats up quicker and burns more consistently than other hydrocarbons.  Gas ranges and the required proper venting can add immensely to the culinary experience.  Patio heaters piped for natural gas provide longer term cost savings and convenience, as well as a warm and welcoming ambiance.  Fire pits and fire places enhance a shared space.

Fowler-Seido-Wall-Faced-Toilet-SuiteWe can service your plumbing and drainage needs.  Whether it be a repair, upgrade or new installation; we can handle your faucets, sinks, tubs, toilets, drains, water pipes, garburators, sumps, various valves and safety devices.  Plugged and backed up drains can leave you stranded and unable to function at all.  We are sensitive to any mission critical repairs that are needed to get you back up and running pronto.  Lines and systems can erode and deteriorate over time, usage can lead to general wear and tear as well as decay.  Preventative maintenance can help to take some of the guess work out of various replacements and repairs.  Newer technologies, materials and techniques can help to reduce your costs and improve performance and increase efficiencies.  Upgrades to higher grade, commercial or industrial class fixtures and appliances can offer heightened asthetics in addition to greater reliability.