September 1, 2015

Be Industrious


Staying ahead of the pack is harder than it looks: identifying and selecting which systems and technologies to invest in can be a harrowing experience.  Newer materials are continually entering the market place, building codes and standards are regularly changing and adapting.  Reliability is essential for your environment, and economical factors and considerations are paramount for your success.  We take into account longevity, operability, automation and efficiency with any consideration or investment decisions; whether it be for an immediate repair or upgrade, right through to new construction.

water_treatmentWater in itself consists of only two elements, hydrogen and oxygen.  If we look at our drinking water however, there potentially are minerals, acidity and impurities that could be in it as well.  Filtration is a common method used to purify water.  In saying that, filtration does not differentiate between the good and the bad, so some of the other valuable compents within our drinking water can also be removed in the process.  Treating water covers a gamut of options and solutions, ranging from reverse osmosis, desalination, steam separation, molecular polymerisation and mineralisation to name a few.  Water management as well as post use and waste water treatment also offers some valuable solutions and opportunities.

disRecovering from a catastrophic occurance can be absolutely devastating.  Equipment costs alone, and then on top of that the loss of opportunity from disruptions to your business of home.  Steps can be taken to reduce the risk and possibly prevent damage from happening.  Stronger, more robust and resilient materials along with more secure restraints and seismic supports can go a long way to securing your systems from external disruptions and pressures.

iot logo IoT, automation and intelligence reporting are some of the new technologies that are becoming accessible at a viable price point.  Preventative maintenance offers a sense of security and comfort in knowing that interruptions due to saturation or excessive wear are avoided.  Piping as a service solutions can ensure maximum uptime for your operations.  We offer technical expertise with back-end infrastructure and various architectures.  The business landscape is changing and growing exponentially, we are motivated to assist you in keeping pace with your ever evolving organisational demands and requirements.