September 1, 2015

Be Occlusal


Dentistry equipment and systems solutions are our focus, for your success.  Unique plumbing configurations are needed in various dental situations.  Sinks, slurry and vacuum lines, positive pressure equipment all must deliver dependable service for both supply and drainage.  This is paramount for practitioner and patient alike.

The treatment room by far is the most complex area, and as such requires a stringent attention to detail and compliance with regulatory codes and standards.  100% uptime is not only mandatory, it is essential.

dental utility junction box
Dental utility junction boxes are the heart and brains of an examination room.  This is an unseen system which incorporates fresh water supply, drainage, compressed air and vacuum system.  Gauges benefit from routine inspection, testing and verification.  Lines can decay over time introducing irregularities and disruptions into your daily operations.

fresh water h2o
Fresh water supply is essential for your dental operation.  Sometimes municipal supply can be lacking for the stringent level of quality deemed essential for your practice.  Pre-treatment configurations are available for your system, to ensure quality and consistency.  Temperature control can add a level of service for your patients as well.  Self contained systems are another option, to act as an alternative to a civic source or to utilise as a backup in the event of a disruption to your primary supply.

Removable porcelain cuspidor
Cuspadors require drainage lines, and backups can be disruptive and present unsanitary conditions.  Liquid tumbling can occur if a system has not been sized properly.  Dental offices are normally a rather quiet environment, which makes this phenomenon even more noticable.  Upstream flow control (waste running backwards up to other chairs), buildup of solids and amalgam separation are areas we are dedicated to ensuring are operating efficiently and effectively for your operational needs.

dental vacuum line
Dental vacuum and compressed air lines routinely support your craft.  Dental vacuums are primarily tasked with the collection of waste solids, liquids and gases.  Central vacuum pumps are commonly used to generate the negative pressure required for a vacuum line to operate.  Conversely compressed air propels pressurised air for use in apparatuses used for evacuating debris, drying teeth and pre-sterilisation equipment cleaning.