There is a wide range of toilets, types, styles, sizes, and performance aspects. We have broken this section into four groups:

– One piece toilets,
– Two piece toilets,
– Cyclonic flushing toilets, and
– Toilets that fit under a pork chop counter top.

There are many other options within each of those categories. We have compiled a Toilet Questionnaire to help narrow down what kind of toilet you are looking for in particular.

MaP scores are an important indicator for the performance of a toilet’s ability to flush. Each toilet model is tested and assigned a MaP score. More information about map scores is available here:

In addition to the toilets themselves, we also list (in the Seats & Services section) services associated with the installation of a toilet. Please note that most one piece toilets come with a toilet seat, and for most two piece toilets the toilet seat is extra.