Preventative Maintenance – Boiler


The following checks will be performed by a licensed Gasfitter:


  • Appliance isolation valve
  • Close proximity combustibles
  • Condition of seals and wires
  • Gas valve and piping for leaks
  • Ignition and/or pilot flame operability
  • Main burner(s) operability
  • Venturi & air openings
  • Gas valve safety shut off duration
  • Safety limits & relief valve
  • Exhaust piping
  • Vent temperature
  • Regulator condition and operability
  • Inlet gas pressure
  • Manifold gas pressure
  • Expansion tank condition and pressure
  • Perform a system flush to boiler and each zone using chemical cleaner (service valves required for this operation)
  • Full cleaning of the heat exchanger is outside the scope of this work due to the additional work required for access to that component.
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