Range replacement


Range replacement.



This page is for estimation purposes only, and upon check-out an estimate will be emailed to you.

A customer supplied range replacement may require some minor re-piping and miscellaneous materials.  Estimate includes: truck & travel, estimated miscellaneous pipe & fittings, testing, consumables, shop supplies, and disposal of the old unit.

Existing gas line, regulator, venting, and electrical power already in place; and based on standard residential range size and weight.  Permit is extra.

Miscellaneous pipe and fittings costing is an estimate, and is dependent on the calibre of the existing installation as well as the condition of various components.

Permit price is subject to change, and includes a $25.00 administration fee. Depending on your region, the size, and classification of your appliance the permit price can range from (but is not limited to) $50.00 to $150.00.