Trap Primer, Mechanical


Mechanical Trap Primer

– Automatically activates to replenish evaporated water in floor drain traps to prevent the escape of sewer gases
– Large port openings in debris screen prevent clogging from sediment and debris
– Activates with a 10 PSIG pressure drop at operating pressure of 30–150 PSIG
– Water release is factory set 0.25 oz per activation, so no field adjustment is necessary
– Single trap primer can service up to eight traps using splitter and distributors
– Accepted by the Oregon State Board of Health, the Army Corps of Engineers, the City of Los Angeles and engineers all over the U.S.
– UPC/IAPMO listed
– Certified by the American Society of Sanitary Engineering to the ASSE 1018 Standard
– Brass-plated cap and body



This page is for estimation purposes only, and upon check-out an estimate will be emailed to you.

Pricing is an estimate for a good quality mechanical trap primer.  Labour, shop supplies, truck & travel fee, testing, and disposal of old materials is extra.

Other parts may be needed in order to adapt the new component onto the existing system.

If other parts are needed, additional time is required, or other issues present themselves during this work, it shall be billed on a time and materials basis.

Water supply will have to be shut off to this component during the performance of this work.

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