Expansion tank – 1.9 gallon


A thermal expansion tank is designed to absorb water that expands in a water tank: when that water is heated up.  The rough rule-of-thumb is that the volume of a 40 to 50 gallon water tank can increase in volume by around one to two percent, with the water increasing in temperature from COLD (approximately 40 degrees F) to HOT (approximately 140 degrees F).

Installation includes:

  • 1.9 gallon expansion tank
  • Support bracing
  • Isolation valve
  • Up to five feet of piping
  • Up to five fittings
  • Calibration of the tank to the system
  • Labour to install



Therm-X-Trol®. We Can Take the Pressure™.

Amtrol invented the thermal expansion tank to absorb water that expands in a water tank when that water is heated up. Their tanks come with:


  • Shell: High Strength Steel
  • Diaphragm: Heavy Duty Butyl NSF/ANSI 61
  • Liner: Antimicrobial
  • System Connection: Stainless Steel
  • Air Valve: Projection Welded
  • Air Valve Cap: Patented InSight™ Indicator Cap
  • In-Line Models: 50 PSIG (3.5 bar)


  • Max. Operating Temperature: 200º F (93º C)
  • Max. Working Pressure: 150 PSIG (10.3 bar)
  • Warranty: 7-Year Limited