80 Gallon Electric



  • 80 US gallon (287 litres)
  • Residential water heater with commercial-grade quality
  • Factory-installed plastic-lined heat trap nipples
  • Blue Diamond® glass coating protects steel tank from corrosion and maximizes tank life
  • Thermostatically controlled, long life elements
  • Brass drain valve
  • Diffuser dip tube, to mitigate sediment build-up
  • CFC-free foam insulation and insulated base
  • Styropour® base for added energy efficiency
  • CoreGard™ magnesium anode with a stainless steel core protects the tank against corrosion


  • Tank height: 60-1/2″ (154 cm)
  • Tank diameter: 24″ (61 cm)
  • Weight: 170 lbs (77 kg)


  • Price includes provincial sales tax (PST)
  • Installation not included
  • Six year parts and tank limited warranty


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Unique features and a broad range of models and sizes.

An aspect worth considering for an electric hot water tank is the voltage. There are two main voltages: 208v and 240v. Some homes have 208 volts power and other homes have 240 volts. If you have a 240 volt water tank in a 208 volt home, the water tank’s heating elements won’t heat the water as quickly.

There are two common wattages in most residential electric hot water tanks: 3,000 watts and 4,500 watts. The higher the wattage, the quicker the water is heated up. There are risks and dangers associated with mis-sizing the wiring and breaker capacity to the tank installed. Breakers are normally sized 125% of the draw of a hot water tank’s elements. The blue italic text in the matrix is the reduction of output to the lower voltage system for a higher voltage tank. Some tank upgrades will also require upgrades to the electrical.

Recovery time means the amount of time it takes to heat the water back up after drawing from the tank for usage akin to a bath or shower. The 1st Hour Rating means the amount of water that gets re-heated within the first hour. We have compiled these ratings and also computed tank volume recovery percentages; based on 70% replenishment volume as well as 100 degrees F / 38 degrees C increase in temperature (cold water entering the system is around 40 F / 4 C). Most manufacturers state the first hour rating with a temperature delta of around 50 degrees F / 10 degrees C and a 70% tank drawdown, which means those numbers would present a quicker reheat time.

Capacity Voltage Wattage Amps 125% 1st Hr gal 1st Hr ltr 1st Hr %
80 208 3000 14.42 18.03 68 257 85%
80 208 4500 21.63 27.04 75 284 94%
80 240 3000 12.50 15.63 68 257 85%
80 208 2253 10.83 13.54 65 246 81%
80 240 4500 18.75 23.44 75 284 94%
80 208 3380 16.25 20.31 70 265 88%

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